Zoom Class Fashion

Natalie Bashore

When picking an outfit for an online Zoom class, some students do not put much effort into choosing what to wear. Other students, however choose to dress as if they are going to school in-person, or they may coordinate their outfits with their background.

Getting ready for online classes as if it is in-person can help students be productive during the day. Sophomore Cydney Colgan believes that students, “should try and be productive during the day by getting up and getting ready, instead of lying in bed all day on the computer.”

Colgan thinks that students should not have to wear nicer outfits for online classes as some may do for in-person learning. She has stated that all students have, “A different style of what they like to wear, and since it isn’t in person, they should wear what they feel comfortable in.” A normal online class outfit for Colgan is leggings and a T-shirt or hoodie.

Freshman, Angelo Rivera had a different point of view on the subject. He thinks that students do not have to dress for online classes as they would for in-person. He stated that “students should feel comfortable at home wearing whatever, so they won’t have to feel rushed.” Rivera also noted, that students should not join online classes and have their camera on while wearing clothing that is inappropriate. A normal online class outfit for Rivera is sweatpants or shorts with a T-shirt or a sweater, depending on the temperature in the room that he is working in.

Students should not stress about what they should wear for their online classes. They should be productive and choose an outfit that is comfortable for them that they like to wear.