California Wildfire


Alonzo Randall, Student

2020 continues to grow worse for the nation as reports say that California is experiencing the worst drought in recent history.

The source of the fire a gender reveal party the idea was to ignite a smoke canister to reveal the gender of the Baby. But things quickly got out of hand it was 100 degrees that day and the canister exploded causing a small fire and it grew completely out of control. The wind conditions have made it worse for people to even go outside their house.

Smoke has blown from Oregon to upstate New York and some parts of Canada 4.6 million acers of land have burned. Also, some smoke has drifted into Washington D.C Smokey skies to appear form on September 15.

As conditions are not supposed improve with wind speeds over 40 miles CNN sources say they are getting a “ post-apocalyptic vibes it has been several days since they have seen the sun. Doctors are also worried smoke in the air could make the Covid-19 patients worse. In a more darker note in Salem Orgon 16 people are missing Orgon wildfires which have killed thirty five people.

Firefighters are also struggling as the lighting strikes scorching the road which has now caused more fires to break out in two more states and harder for more people to evacuate. More than 13,000 firefighters have been battling flames some on 24-hour shifts unfortunately there are too many fires and not enough resources.

A much need cold front for Colorado brings snow rain expected to arrive Monday night a cooling 6 to 12 inches of snow. However firefighters doing are doing there best to continuing to fight these flames the best that they can.