Virtual Online vs In-Person Learning


Alivia Randall

Online vs In-person

Alivia Randall & Alonzo Randall

Virtual online school is a new experience for everyone in Prince William County. However, we all have our own opinion on what we like about it, and what we dislike about it. Virtual is appealing to most because they are less overwhelmed by all the people at school, however some dislike it because of how much work they are receiving. Switching from in-person school to virtual is a very harsh change for all students.

With online school, each parent handles online learning differently for their child. Parents can ensure their child is learning in a safe, secure atmosphere that is clear from bullying and peer pressure. Online educators agree that it is a good idea to assist with organization and time management, encourage students, and appreciate them for their hard work.

Jered Borup, an associate professor in learning technologies at George Mason University (GMU) stated, “we are finding out in the research thus far that it is generally harder to keep students engaged with virtual lessons no matter the content.”

We interviewed Senior, Bryson Presley asking, “How is your virtual experience so far?” Presley responded, “It’s been a lot of work and one of the things I wish I could change about being virtual is the work amount and having more specific due dates.”

High school student stress statistics from 2020 show that 61% of teens, 13-17 years old’s, say they are under a lot of pressure to produce good grades. This percentage is twice as high as those pressured to fit in socially. Also, 75% of high schoolers described themselves as “often or always feeling stressed” by schoolwork.

California State University had a study that found two different sets of students. One group studied online, the other went to a class in person. Both groups received the same instruction from the same professor. The study later revealed that online students were less intimidated about participating, and there was a higher quality of interaction between the professor and students.

We interviewed Sophomore, Emersen Presley and asked, do you agree with how much work you are receiving and why? Presley responded with “No, it is not fair, and it’s tough managing all the work,” Presley did mention she is enjoying the fact she gets to stay home and when certain classes start later.

Researchers are showing online is better because there are fewer distractions and students can work at their own pace. However, students themselves are disliking virtual because they are receiving piles of work every week.