Top Halloween Activities You Can Do Safely During The Pandemic

Top Halloween Activities You Can Do Safely During The Pandemic

Thomas Hennessy

Halloween is celebrated in many ways: you can go trick-or-treating to get as much candy as possible, you can go to parties with friends, or you can stay in and watch scary movies. However, due to Covid-19, these activities will be hard to do safely. But is Halloween canceled? Maybe not. There are other ways you can celebrate Halloween without threatening the spread of the virus.

The most obvious one is to stay at home and watch a scary movie and eat popcorn or candy. Watching scary films has been popular for a long time, so why not carry on the tradition by watching movies to get the adrenaline going. Did you know the highest-grossing horror movie of all time is the 2017 remake of “It” by Stephen King?

Another activity you can do safely is going to a drive-through haunted house. Haunted houses have been around since 1915, but they have not been drive-through until the last twenty years. This year, however, they will be more popular due to the pandemic. Drive-through haunted houses are safe because it allows you to have the same haunted house experience but without risking your health.

Of course, you will want to hang out with your friends on Halloween. Well, you can still do that; however, you will have to social-distance to do that. Having parties is okay as long as you keep them small; instead of having many people who could not have been practicing social-distancing, invite a small group of people who you know and have been staying home and safe.

Those are the best activities to do safely on Halloween; remember, do not to risk your health to have fun.