Opinion On PS5


PS5 Controller & Console

The PlayStation 5 releases in two versions, the digital and the disk drive, both releasing in November, 2020. The digital version only allows games to be downloaded on the PS5 versus the disk drive which allows games to be downloaded on the PS5 and allows access to disks.

The digital version comes in at $399 and the disk drive costs $499. The disk drive resembles the PS4 in the way that they both allow digital and disk input. The PS4 resembles the PS5 in way but the main difference is the improved graphics.

For those players who still have the PS4 and wish to play with those who have the newer PS5, they can. But players who get the new console will be able to play new games that are only available on the PS5. If you have old games that you played on the PS4 and wish to play on the new PS5 you can, but are only allowed if you buy the disk drive PS5.

November 12th is the official day markets will start receiving the PlayStation but could come out on different days varying on the different places. Stores will be allowing pre-orders to people who want to get their hands on the PlayStation early. It wont be easy to get your hands on the PS5 early as, millions of people all over the world will all be trying to get a pre-order at the same time you are. But if you miss out on the pre-order your going to have to wait until they hit the stores.