Exploring Student’s Passions during Covid-19


Natalie Bashore

Panino Keyboard

Natalie Bashore

Many students have been stuck at home for months due to the pandemic. Though it can be boring, it gives students time to be creative and find activities or passions that they would like to pursue.

Sophomore, Kira Rhodenhizer has found her passion with cheerleading. She stated that she enjoys the sport because, “I’m able to have fun with it and meet amazing people.” Rhodenhizer describes the cheerleading squad as a family who share one common interest. She enjoys being a part of a great working team. Rhodenhizer has known that she liked to cheer since the fifth grade, but in the past year it has turned into her favorite activity to do. She says that cheerleading is, “hard work but it definitely pays off in the end with what you’re working toward.”

Sophomore Amy Whetstone has not found a new passion during the pandemic, but she has been revisiting past passions and hobbies that she likes to do. Whetstone has been pursuing writing recently by writing songs and writing in journals. Whetstone enjoys this hobby because she can let her thoughts out on paper, “like a stream flowing into a pond.” Writing also gives her another way to express her emotions and feelings. She mentioned that writing is, “a great stress relieving outlet and helps you get everything out rather than keep it in.”

There are many great hobbies and passions out there for students to enjoy throughout the pandemic besides, cheerleading and writing. Hobbies can also give students ideas for what they may want to do in the future when it comes to career options and activities that they want to participate in. If students find a passion or hobby that they enjoy, they could do many things with that.