Will Black Friday Be Canceled Due to Coronavirus

Alivia Randall

The year 2020 overall has been a crazy year. Thanksgiving is coming up and Black Friday the biggest shopping day nationwide is around the corner which leaves all shoppers wondering, will Black Friday be canceled due to Covid-19. Black Friday is always the day after Thanksgiving, this year Black Friday lands on November 27th, 2020.

Black Friday is typically the day full of different shopping deals and major discounts it is also the first day where the official holiday shopping season starts. While Black Friday has become very popular for attracting hefty crowds in stores and shops around the world, approximately 45% of shoppers do not feel safe shopping in stores this year because of Covid-19. Although, a little more than have do feel safe shopping which is 55.5% of Americans.

Most of us have seen videos of well-known stores on Black Friday letting in loads of people enter the store at the same time to go crazy. However, stores will have strict Covid-19 safety rules and codes in place. Still consider stores will have a certain capacity on how many people should be within the store, so no need to prepare yourself for the harsh stampede, also known as “in-store doorbusters”.

Occasionally, most stores and online shopping sites start their Black Friday discounts at midnight on early Thanksgiving morning. Many well-known stores will be fully closed on Thanksgiving 2020 which include stores: Walmart, Target, Kohl’s, BestBuy, etc.

Best Buy, Target, Walmart, and other major stores are encouraging people more than ever to shop online this year, but that will not stop the crowd from going Black Friday shopping. Storekeepers are advising that they will start offering deals early, and curbside pickup to avoid those possible crowds and “in-store doorbusters.”

So, is Black Friday canceled this year? No. There are no news reports or statements from any companies that say they have canceled Black Friday or any Black Friday deals this year.

Lots of people do not feel comfortable shopping in-person yet due to Covid-19. However, do not worry because there is still Cyber Monday, which is 3 days after Black Friday. Cyber Monday is a day where anyone can online shop and online stores have huge discounts just like Black Friday but online.