The Ghosts of Brentsville


Madelyn Woolfrey, Staff Member

Nokesville might seem to be like any other small town. Seemingly normal nothing out of the ordinary ever really happens. But if you look closely you will start to uncover the bits of this town that are covered in the unexplained.  

Most public and well known of these unexplained or paranormal places is the Brentsville courthouse historic center. The 28-acre center is home to five historic buildings. The courthouse that held civil and criminal cases starting in 1822. The jail that houses criminals starting 1822 as well. The 1880 church and 1850 farmhouse. As well as the one room schoolhouse that was used from 1929 to 1944. These five buildings are said to each be haunted by the ghosts of Brentsville’s past. So much so that Syfy’s “Ghost Hunters” investigated the property. The most haunted building on the property is said to be the jail which is where they were said to have experienced the most activity. Things like knocking on the walls and EMF (electromagnetic fields) in the jail which had no electricity. Though most of the haunting stories come from the community itself. People saying, they have heard voices in the jail or seen faces in the windows of the courthouse when no one is inside.  

Nokesville is also home to a few spirits that have taken a home on roads and backyards. Pamela Edukonis mother of freshman Olivia Edukonis experienced quite a fighting sight. Walking home with her daughter on a cold winter afternoon late 2011 on moor green drive. Mrs. Edukonis turn around to see what she says to be what looked like a civil war soldier. “Walking down the street I saw something move in my peripherals and I turned around to see a union soldier standing there I walks a few steps away looked back and they were gone,” stated Mrs. Edukonis. After hearing this story, I asked freshman Olivia Edukonis if she remembered anything from that night, Ms. Edukonis stated “No, just what my mom has told me but it makes sense knowing that the house next door to mine was a civil war hospital what she saw doesn’t sound that crazy.”