President Biden and The Future of America

The Trump Administration seems to be coming to a close, but what does the future hold under President Biden?


Carolyn Kaster

President-elect Joe Biden smiles as he speaks Tuesday, Nov. 10, 2020, at The Queen theater in Wilmington, Del. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

Ronald Sherman

As the dust settles on a turbulent election cycle, it appears that former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr will be elected president of the United States. This comes after a heavily advertised and sensationalized 2020 Presidential Campaign, which saw current president Donald J. Trump lose the key states he won in 2016. These being Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, While the incumbent is refusing to accept these results on baseless accusations of voter fraud, with the Trump legal team dropping numerous lawsuits as of late, we can look towards the Biden presidency. The question is though, how much will be different.

Unfortunately for the progressives, who played a huge role in catapulting Biden to victory in places such as Pennsylvania and Georgia, not much. In an interview at a charity event in June, Biden stated to his wealthy donors that “nothing will fundamentally change.” This comes after numerous centrist and establishment media pundits, stating that Biden had the potential to be one of the most progressive presidents in the history of our nation.

However, his rumored appointees, and the current position of the senate does not inspire confidence. Apart from the fact that his Vice President choice, Senator Kamala Harris, who incarcerated over one thousand people on marijuana charges, his rumored appointments are either vicious Warhawks, establishment centrists, and former executives from the healthcare industry.

One rumored appointee for President-Elect Biden is Susan Rice, a former national security advisor and ambassador. She openly supported the Iraq War and intervention in Libya, events that reduced those nations into virtual rubble. This also comes from rumors that the Biden team is actively trying to blacklist progressives like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, who ran against Biden in the primaries.

As establishment Democrats lost their bid for control of all legislative branches, the Senate is looking like it will remain in Republican control. Mitch McConnell, the majority leader in the Senate, has actively signaled that he will block progressive appointees from taking their spots on Biden’s cabinet. The Democrats could theoretically win the two run-offs in Georgia, but as of now, it looks like Senate Republicans will prevent Joe Biden from passing anything substantial.

This election more so provides a transitory stage from Donald Trump; however, a lot of young Americans did not vote for nothing to be done. Progressives, like Senator Sanders, arguably did more for the Biden campaign then Biden himself, who was often away from public view. It is clear to progressives that a Biden administration, while it is a step up from the conservative administration before it, will not serve the interests of the people.  While the numerous appointees are just rumors, it is looking like we will have another four years of ineffective leadership, and policies that continue to aid the rich, at the cost of the prosperity of the people.