Major Decisions with College Applications



Natalie Bashore

In a few months, Brentsville District High School seniors will be graduating. Most already decided on where they will be attending college. Seniors have a bright future ahead of them with any career that they want to pursue. Many students are now choosing which colleges they should apply to, which could be a difficult decision for some. Other students who are graduating in a few years may already be thinking of colleges that they could apply for.

Some students know what career they want to have, and what colleges they should apply for. However, other students may have more than one major that they would want to pursue, so it could be difficult to decide what major they should pick.

The Covid-19 pandemic is also currently a big factor in deciding where to go for college. Many universities have stopped in-person learning and have been doing virtual learning for students’ safety. It is unclear when those universities will reopen.

Freshman Cody Layton is not thinking of going to college in the future, but he has stated that conflicting majors could affect students’ decisions depending on what colleges they could get into. Layton has also mentioned that the current situation with the Covid-19 pandemic could affect college decisions, because virtual learning may be difficult to maintain for some universities.

Sophomore Aly Andrews is planning on going to college in a few years for social work. Andrews has said that conflicting majors “could be hard because you have to try to find a school that has what you like, and finding what your passion is and deciding which school fits best.” Andrews has also mentioned that the size of the school you could go to and the location are important factors to consider.

Andrews believes that Covid-19 does affect some student’s decisions with college. She thinks that it could be more difficult than before to get into schools because of their safety precautions. Many students are not allowed to tour schools as well.

Sophomore Maddy Morgan wants to go to college for criminology, with psychology being her second choice. Morgan thinks that conflicting majors “play a huge role with what colleges you want to apply to.” Other factor that Morgan thinks are important to be aware of are scholarships and financial issues.

There are many careers out there to choose from, and many colleges to go to for learning about those careers. Students should choose a career that they are interested in, and they could go far with that.