Who Won the NBA Draft and Who Missed



Five of the 14 lottery picks in the 2020 NBA draft.

Ryan Gregory

The NBA draft took place on the 18th, there were many surprising picks and then there were the A+ picks. The NBA draft consisted of two round, 30 picks in each round, where NBA teams selected college players to add to their team for the upcoming season. Teams came into the draft hoping to draft a player who they can turn into a franchise player for the next 15-20 years, in hopes that they will bring a championship to the team.

Teams came out multiple A+ picks, like the Golden State Warriors, Cleveland Cavilers, Orlando Magic, and the New Orleans Pelicans. The Warriors drafted a big man, James Wiseman from Memphis, who can provide defense and rebounding support, as well as finishing.

For Cleveland, they drafted forward, Isaac Okoro from Auburn, who they can move to the guard spot to provide three-point shooting. Okoro also adds solid defense, which the team desperately needs.

The Orlando Magic also had a strong draft, as they brought in guard, Cole Anthony from North Carolina. He will likely start at the point guard spot for Orlando, since they already have a solid point guard in Markell Fultz. He will likely be moved to the shooting guard position and have a solid one-two punch at the guards’ spot.

Then for New Orleans they may have got the steal of the draft in Kira Lewis Jr., a guard from Alabama. Lewis Jr. will not provide much in year one as New Orleans already has four point guards but will likely loose two in free agency, which will allow Kira Lewis Jr. to take over the primary role in New Orleans in the years coming.

However, there were some head scratching picks like Chicago who took Patrick Williams, a forward from Florida State. Patrick Williams was graded a late first round pick and expected to go 14-30, but Chicago took him fourth overall. Fans from Chicago were not happy with the pick, but Chicago liked what they saw from him and took a gamble.

To say the least we will all be watching to see who turns out to be the franchise players’, and who the busts of the draft will be.