Students’ Struggles with Solitude

Natalie Bashore

Due to BDHS doing online school because of the Covid-19 pandemic, there has been a lack of social interaction for many students. Most students have not been able to see friends or other classmates in person because they have been staying at home and doing online learning through the Canvas platform. Students not being able to see or talk to friends has caused a lack of social interaction for many students, because they do not get to talk to friends or peers as much as they get to do in-person.

Sophomore Amy Whetstone struggles with the lack of social interaction with her friends because of online school. Whetstone has been keeping in touch with her friends during the pandemic by calling, texting, and occasionally seeing them in person though.

Whetstone believes that some students may be struggling with the lack of social interaction because “they normally thrive on hanging out and getting to see many people at a time, or they are just not used to being isolated or alone.” Whetstone’s solutions to the lack of social interaction are hanging out with friends while wearing a mask and social distancing, making a Zoom group chat, or a messaging group chat.

Whetstone has stated that while a lack of social interaction gives students time to be alone and be individuals, it does not give them the enjoyment of being in the company of others. Whetstone has said that students “may feel isolated and more alone, and sometimes that can lead to a bad mental health.” Social interaction lets students hang out with their friends and they get to meet new people, which cannot happen very often during the pandemic.

Sophomore James Mouser has stated that he does not struggle with the lack of social interaction as much because he has friends that are online. However, Mouser would like to talk to friends in-person more often as well.

Mouser thinks that some students struggle with social interaction in an online environment “because they feel like they are just being stared at and are afraid to speak in front of everyone.” Mouser has also stated that while less social interaction can help students get their work done, students may feel lonelier since they do not get to talk to many people. Mouser’s solution to the lack of social interaction is more time spent in breakout rooms or on projects working with other classmates.

The lack of social interaction is difficult for students, especially for those who thrive in a social environment. Students can find ways to interact with friends online, though. They could call or message friends or meet in person while practicing the proper safety precautions.