The COVID Vaccine

Emma Waldo, staff

COVID-19 Virus (

COVID has affected all BDHS students in some way. Ether it was financial, health, or just not going to school anymore. COVID has affected so many people, no wonder most people want to get the vaccine. A big question most people have is how the vaccine will affect them. Another question is will it work.

The BDHS Roar staff decided to interview Jordan Gregory, a former BDHS student and staff member of the Roar who had to get the vaccine her for work, how it went and why she and her co-workers had to get a different vaccine“I am a volunteer EMT for Nokesville volunteer fire department. The two vaccines, Moderna and Pfizer are only slightly different. The Pfizer emergency use authorization is for people aged 16 and older. Moderna’s is for people 18 and older. The main difference is that Moderna’s must be shipped at -4 Fahrenheit; Pfizer’s must be shipped and stored at -94 Fahrenheit. Moderna is much easier for the county to store and use. Moderna is also a stronger dose, almost 3 times more then Pfizer’s. As first responders we are exposed quite a bit more often and are in a very confined space with COVID patients. 

The staff also asked her how she got the vaccine and how it went. “Getting the vaccine was pretty simple since it wasn’t done at a hospital. It was done at one of our training facilities by the medical reserve corps (which I am also a part of). You had to wait 15 minutes after the vaccine before you could leave, unfortunately I am not sure why that is, I can only assume it is to see if you will have an immediate reaction to it, like going into anaphylaxis. It was also only people in the fire department getting it. Both vaccines also have 2 rounds of shots and they are a much stronger dose the second time around.” 

The staff asked her how she felt after she got it and what her side effects were. “Right after I got it, I was doing ok. After I sat there for 15 minutes, I could feel the pain radiating down my arm, but it was more of a soreness. Then when I got home, I was very tired. Most side effects hit me the second day. I was tired, I had a headache, I was hot no matter what I was doing, my arm was swollen and red and I could not move my arm very much. I had the same symptoms for about 3 days, but the injection site also became very itchy. I also started getting muscle fatigue and joint pain in my elbow and shoulder. Now, about 5 days after the vaccine, it is not swollen anymore and not painful down my whole arm. The injection site is red and bruised still and I am still tired. The second dose is stronger so I might react more to that one and get different symptoms.” 

The staff asked her if she thought this was efficient way to control the pandemic, and if she recommended it to others. “I recommend it to those who know they are at risk or are exposed daily. Health care workers and first responders need it because of how often we must treat patients and get invasive with them which exposes us much more than just someone being around you and having COVID. I think people who are immune compromised should also get it but also there is no way to tell how they will react to the vaccine. I think it is worth it to get the vaccine and have a few side effects for a week. The CDC is also very involved in trying to find out what symptoms people are getting from them so they can see how effective and how safe it is for others. I get a text every day for 5 days after the vaccine asking me to put in my symptoms and how bad they are. If you enter something that is concerning the CDC will call you and make sure you are ok and check on how else, you might be reacting. Overall, I think this is one of the easiest ways to control the pandemic. I am aware it is new and has risks and people are concerned about it because it was developed so fast, but the results are proving very effective and, in my mind, it is worth it, you are not only protecting yourself but the people around you. 

The Roar staff thanks everyone that is on the front lines for taking care of everyone that has been affected and for putting their lives on the line. All anyone can do is stay safe and follow COVID guidelinesIf you chose to get the vaccine or not please stay safe. The Roar staff wishes everyone a happy and safe New Year!