“The Company of Time” by Madelyn Woolfrey


Art work by

Madelyn Woolfrey, Staff Member

    Time is something that never ends until it does. People say that we never have enough time. That times goes by in the blink of an eye. They say we should never waste it as it is fleeting and precious. Time used to be told by the position of the sun and the moon. To many night and day are the subjects of time they bend to its will. Time as a concept frightens many as the very exitance of time means that an end can exist. That’s the way the world is made a beginning and an end.  

    The end is something that makes many restless the fear and uncertainty is deemed to be unsettlinglyThe unnerving fact that life itself is fleeting and will always end. Many people combat this fear of an end with things that turn that fear into something pleasant. The idea of heaven is the best example of this.

     The thought that once a person’s time ends, they will be placed in a timeless paradise. A place where one does not have to fear the end because an end does not exist. A person cannot be subject to ones fear it the very thing that they fear is removed. This idea creates a safe space where one does not have to fear the end because it does not exist. Some people try to fight the inevitability of time. They play a dangerous game of denial with the very thing we are told not to take fragrancedThese people convince themselves that they have the power to create a cure for time. Though most don’t see time as an illness at all. These people are riddled with either grief or fear or maybe even both. So much so that they feel the need to stop something that is inevitable.  

    A person’s time can end at any moment. That’s what happens when people are given a beginning the end will always come. It is up to people to deiced whether time is something that weight you down or builds you up. There is a certain type of people who embrace the end with open arms and live with the time that they have with every part of themselves. They take comfort in the unknown and let time dictate when the end will come and what will happen after. Time is something that will never end until it does and to fear it is to let it control you. So, take comfort in that when there is a beginning there will always be an end.