How the Covid-19 Guidelines are Affecting In-person Learning

Natalie Bashore

This school year at Brentsville District High School has been occurring online since it started a few months ago. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, normal in-person learning was not the safest option for students and employees. In-person learning may not be the safest option months later, because of the number of Covid-19 cases in the area. There will also need to be a transition into hybrid learning before all students and staff can come back in-person.

BDHS is hoping to start the hybrid model of learning as soon as possible, with some students learning in-person and virtually. Students can remain completely virtual if they choose to. There are many guidelines that need to be put in place for in-person learning to occur. These guidelines are necessary for students’ and employees’ safety. Some of the guidelines for in-person learning include social distancing, wearing masks or face coverings, and practicing the correct cleaning and disinfection routines.

Social distancing is important for peoples’ safety and would still need to be maintained in an in-person learning environment. There could be signs put up to indicate social distancing, especially in entrances and exits, seating areas, and regular gathering places.

Some classrooms and work areas may need to be modified to make social distancing possible, and there will be less amounts of people in each classroom. There can also be the option of teleworking, or working from remote locations, whenever possible.

There will also be a requirement during in-person instruction for employees and students to wear face coverings or masks. Wearing face coverings or masks has been proven to be effective against the Covid-19 virus.
It will also be important for cleaning and disinfection of all buildings to be done frequently. Surfaces that are touched many times a day, such as door handles, desks, and lockers would have to been cleaned even more regularly. Hand washing is also encouraged to be done as much as possible according to the Covid-19 guidelines.

Some students will be back to in-person learning in the next few months while still attending online classes some days, according to the hybrid learning model. The continuation of in-person learning depends on if there are not many Covid-19 cases in the area. If the safety guidelines can be followed and maintained during classes as well as when students and employees are going to other areas in the school buildings are also important considerations for in-person learning. If the Covid-19 guidelines can be maintained in in-person classes, then there is a greater possibility of students and staff returning to in-person classes this school year.