Reaching Out

Madelyn Woolfrey, Staff Member

Mental illness is something that affects millions of people worldwide. It is something that needs to be treated with care like any other illness. Sometimes it is extremely hard to get the help that is needed, even if you know that you need help. Reaching out requires a lot of courage and it can be scary, especially when you do not know of any resources that can help you. 

Talking to someone is the best way to start on the path to getting better. Though it can also be one of the hardest parts. Being open and vulnerable is not something many people enjoy doing, but it is a crucial part of getting help. Some of the best people to talk to about how you are feeling and asking about getting help would be any parent or legal guardian. Unfortunately for many this is not an option for whatever the reason may be. This does not mean you should give up on getting help and try to “tough it out”. If you cannot talk to a parent or legal guardian, there are other people who can help you. Talking to a teacher or counselor is another good place to start. Counselors especially have a lot of good resources at their disposal for anyone who needs them. There are also many hot lines out there if you want to talk to someone while remaining anonymous. There are hot lines like the Samaritans (877-870-4673), a 24/7 hot line for anyone feeling alone, depressed or just looking for someone to talk to.

Just because you feel alone does not mean you are alone. Mental health is something that needs to be talked about much more in the media today. Everyone goes through struggles in some way shape or form. Reaching out should be an experience that makes a person feel safe and loved. Reaching out should not end up in a person feeling as if they never should have said anything at all. People who are experiencing mental health struggles need a place when they are free from the feelings of being judged or shamed for what they are going through.

Mental health is important and worth the time and energy it takes to make it better. Reaching out can be scary but in the end that safety and love a person feels when talking to someone about their mental health is worth the fear.