The Sexual Assault Claims against Dan Schneider


FilmMagic, Inc

Dan Schneider and Jamie Lynn Spears during MTV Networks TCA – July 23, 2004 at Century Plaza in Los Angeles, California, United States. (Photo by Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic, Inc)

Emma Waldo, staff

Dan Schneider is being accused of multiple abuse accusations over the past years.

Schneider used to make tv shows for the telvision program Nickelodeon. He made many popular tv shows that students may have grown up watching, such as “iCarly”, “All That”, “The Amanda Show”, “Drake & Josh”, “Victorious” and “Zoey 101.” Since Schneider started working with Nickelodeon in the 80’s, he has had many reported accusations about him throughout the years.

The company has just recently broken their contract with him. He has not been arrested, but his contract that he had with Nickelodeon has given him enough money to set him up for the rest of his life. “The network and Schneider, who’ve worked together since the late ’80s, mutually agreed not to extend a production deal with his company, Schneider’s Bakery.” (Noted “Schneider is the latest showrunner to part ways with Nickelodeon following abuse accusations. Chris Savino, creator of the hit animated series “The Loud House,” was fired after multiple sexual harassment allegations.” They also stated that Nickelodeon has had many of their creators fired for sexual assault.

Schneider had an account on Twitter, where he posted pictures of the young actresses’ feet who he worked with. In many scenes on his shows like “Sam and Cat”, “iCarly,” and “Victorious” the girls would use their feet to do something under his instruction. The BDHS staff interviewed some students to see their thoughts on this. An anonymous student stated, “I am absolutely disgusted by this. I loved these shows as a kid and now knowing about this and all the jokes that were in it makes me sick. What I thought were funny things the girls in the shows were doing, were actually this guy’s sick fantasies.”

The recent allegations against Schneider will hopefully warn other workers in the business industry about some of the dangers they may face. Unfortunately, their are sick people out there that will hurt you, even if you a kid or not. Parents who put their kids in the limelight need to be cautious of the people around them and their kids. Hopefully, companies will start to act against this type of behavior.