How Testing is Different During the Pandemic


Natalie Bashore

One year ago, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, all standardized tests were waived for students, along with the past school year ending early with no virtual classes being scheduled. Now, classes at Brentsville District High School are occurring through the hybrid schedule Tuesday through Friday every week, and standardized testing is happening now for many students over the next month.

There is a big difference in testing now compared to a couple of years ago because of how the pandemic has affected schools and testing. All tests and quizzes have been online through the Canvas online learning platform instead of paper tests. Students have also had the option to attend classes and take tests virtually instead of having to come to school to take them.

This is changing for students who are taking SOL’s and other standardized tests. Students will now be testing in-person only instead of having the online options when taking those tests. All schoolwork is still being done through online resources, but students must take any required standardized tests in-person instead of attending class virtually to take them.

Students who are attending school virtually only are testing on Mondays at BDHS, and students who have chosen the hybrid option are testing on the days that they are in-person. All students who are taking any upcoming standardized tests will also have to follow the Covid-19 guidelines when coming to school in-person, which includes social distancing and wearing masks when being in the building.

Due to concerns about the pandemic, classes being mainly online, and other events that have caused instability in learning, test scores could be different for some students this year. There could also be events happening outside of school that could be affecting students’ study habits and their focus on schoolwork. This may also cause students to have lower scores on tests and assignments. Students should try their best to study and do well on their work so that they can finish this school year with good grades and pass their classes.

Many things have changed since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic last year, and while there have been many challenges with online learning, teachers are trying their best to help students to do well. Students are also trying their best to turn in all of their work and pass tests. If students continue to prepare for their upcoming spring tests,  then they can pass those tests and do well the rest of this school year.