NBA Will Not Require Players to Get Vaccinated for Playoffs



nba playoffs

Ryan Gregory

The NBA playoffs are just around the corner and the final games of the regular season are being played this weekend.

Last year the playoffs were a little different than usual. No teams could play on their home court, they were all playing on the same court in Orlando. This season they are going back to a normal playoff setting. Teams will be able to travel this season allowing for home court advantage.

Since there was only one court and around 60 games to play, the playoffs took longer than usual. Coming into this season there were a lot of questions on how the season would be handled and how they would make up the extra time it took last season. Adam Silver, the commissioner of the NBA, responded with a plan where the season would be 10 games shorter to make up the missed time so they can start on time for the 2022 season.
Adam Silver also stated that the NBA will not require player to be vaccinated for this season’s playoffs. However, many players have made the decision for themselves to be vaccinated.

With teams just now being informed there will not be a bubble, like last year, they are slowly working out plans to allows fan back for the playoffs. Most teams are hoping for close to full capacity. Most teams have already allowed a portion of fans back and Silver has announced that next year’s 2022 season will have full capacity stadiums. With teams are wondering if they will be allowed full capacity to end the 2021 season and head in the 2022 season with full capacity.

The NBA has put multiple health and safety protocols for this season. One of the most important being daily COVID tests. If the players test negative, they are granted access to practice, play games, etc. However, if a player tests positive they must immediately quarantine. If they are on the road, they will have to quarantine in the hotel room they were given to stay in. If they are playing a home game and test positive, they will be sent home to quarantine. You must quarantine for 10 days before you can come back in contact with the team. Then you must test negative two times in a row 24 hours apart.

With all these protocols in place it seems we are slowly getting back to a normal NBA season.