One Flower, Two Types


Natalie Bashore

A drawing of a flower and its reflection. By: Natalie Bashore

Natalie Bashore

“One Flower, Two Types”:

Flower, you’re a diamond in the rough.

Even though you don’t have any jewels to show.

Maybe your petals are enough,

For them to see how deep your heart goes.


Floating in the water, flying in the air,

Are what they think of when they see you.

But they don’t notice your deep despair,

When remembering the things that you have gone through.


All the colors in your petals,

Show the opposite in water so blue.

They see it and ask what it is.

You say you don’t know who.


The shining light on the water,

Is all that they care to see.

So, they don’t decide, to look further.

Into how things really could be.


One flower, two types.

Two ways of seeing a story.

One mind, two types.

Two ways of seeing the path before me.