“Flowers On Trees” By Michelle Portillo Aguiar


Michelle Portillo Aguiar, Staff Member

“Isn’t it odd that a flower can grow on a tree?

You would think that they would grow on the ground and be with the bees.

They say that all flowers can bloom anywhere with right requirements.

I find that these type of flowers are like me including the lodgements.

I may not be on the same level as the others nevertheless, I am still one.

So treat me like one.”

I created this piece of literature with art because I love cherry blossoms and it inspired me to draw them. In the process, I found that I am similar to cherry blossoms so I decided to write a poem to go with it. I related cherry blossoms to myself by saying how we both aren’t on the same placement as others, however, we shouldn’t be treated any differently. I gave the poem the title “Flowers on Trees” because I believe it gives the poem more meaning.