Top Three Unique Hobbies to Release Stress

Michelle Portillo Aguiar, Editor

Studies show that thirty three percent of people report that they suffer from extreme stress according to The American Institution of Stress. Most people do not know that it can be treated simply by having a hobby as a coping mechanism. However, if the stress begins to get too overwhelming and it interrupts your daily life routine then it’s recommended that you seek additional assistance! If you do your research, there are tons of ways to release stress whether it be through meditation or exercise but they all can be common, difficult, or boring. So, here are three unique hobbies to get rid of stress that people may not know about.  


Number One: Journaling 

First is journalism, which doesn’t have much requirements at all! It just requires a writing utensil like a pen or pencil, a piece of paper, and a nice, quiet place to focus on your thoughts.  

Currently, there are people who may find this hobby to be rather dull and time-consuming in their daily lives. However, it’s said that it’s one of the best ways to express your feelings without having to communicate with others. It’s a great way to get in touch with your emotions and create a bond within yourself. One way to get in touch with yourself is to obtain self-love. Many individuals who do journalism believe that it will help you gain that love for yourself, leading you to have less accumulating stress. If journaling becomes a daily life habit, then, it can gradually result in growth and development as a person. 

 Now, let’s say you have all the necessities but have no idea where to begin. That’s okay, remember journaling doesn’t have to be professional writing, it can be considered to be just like your own personal diary. There is no need to be afraid of your thoughts or emotions, you must be open to the process. For example, let everything sink in for a minute, space out, and discover not just what are the sources of all your stress but also the sources of all your happiness then, pour it all out onto the paper. The reason why this is so essential to the process is because it will lead you to find a solution to all your troubles. This may even help you realize that you can and will eventually overcome any obstacles in your way. 

Number Two: Gardening 

Next on the list is gardening, to start your garden you will need to have space to place your plants and gardening supplies which can be likely found in garden centers of supermarket stores. The main supplies needed are seeds or young plants of your choice, fertilizer, a garden hose, and soil-tilling equipment. 

The first thing to know about gardening is that it requires time and patience. It gives you another reason to be outside enjoying nature and taking in fresh air. According to D’amore Mental Health, the lights and stimuli from screens stress our anatomy, and screen time causes repeated stress on Central Nervous System. Gardening will keep you off technology which can help release a lot of built-up stress. 

 Don’t know how to create a garden? Here is a website that contains tips on how to start a garden and keep it lively for beginners. Still not enough information? There are plenty of websites online that contain various ways of starting a garden. Checking out your local library is also recommended; they most likely have books that contain information on all types of plants so you can do tons of research without having to use any technology. 

Number Three: Creation of Fine Arts  

Lastly is the creation of fine arts, this hobby is directed more towards the artistic group of individuals. Compared to the other hobbies, this one in particular has more requirements needed and may be on the expensive side. However, the items that you purchase are all up to you, including your budget that you would spend on them. Fortunately, these items can be found at specific stores that are made for them like a music / art store that are most likely located in multiple locations around your destination.  

Although this hobby contains artistic capabilities and inspiration, it doesn’t necessarily mean you cannot do this hobby if you do not have that. Sometimes individuals believe they cannot do something simply because they have never tried it. Of course, you must learn first then keep on practicing and gradually you will see improvement. The great thing about fine arts is that it’s a big genre of all kinds of art so you can explore a ton of sub genres you may find to your liking. Some sub genres of fine arts are sculpting, music, photography, painting, and sketching. This hobby is intended to help you escape reality for a while, like a well-needed vacation. 

To begin any type of art piece you must first find inspiration. If you are painting, sketching, or taking pictures you might need to get out of your comfort zone and explore the things around you. Seeing the beauty of the world and people around you will feed you that inspiration. For example, you might want to paint, sketch, or photograph a butterfly with its beautiful wings, a landscape of your neighborhood, or a portrait of a person you cherish. If you are creating a sculpture, then it would be best to find concepts or items that have symbolizations that touch your heart. Most people make sculptures out of individuals to display to others the beauty that they see through their eyes of that person they created. For music, you would need to select an instrument that you would need to rent or buy. Once you have your selected instrument then you learn the type of notes on it and practice sight reading those notes on a music sheet. Many assume you must create the music sheets but there are a ton of free copies online of songs that you might recognize and could use to practice instead.  


 In addition, if you are finding these hobbies rather difficult than stress relieving, there are classes that can help an individual can take on any of these hobbies above. These classes provide extra assistance from professionals who know exactly what they are doing. Another option, if you would rather not spend money, you can check out some YouTube videos. YouTube usually contains useful informational videos on any of the hobbies that have been discussed.