Brentsville Turf Wins Industry’s Highest Honor


photo courtesy of Brenstville Turf.

Photo features the turf team. From left to right, Franco Allegro, Samantha Dawson (front), Ethan Rice (back), Mr. Miller (front center), Same Ruwe (back left), Macie Russel (front left), Andy Nguyen (far left back).

Samuel Ruwe, Contributor

This year, Our very own Brentsville Turf Program won one of the industry’s most prestigious turf awards. Our high school has has an agricultural program for many years; however, our turf program was only implemented four years ago and has been growing ever since. BDHS Turf has been recognized every year by winning awards and commendations from the turf industry. 

Our turf program won a national award from the Sports Turf Managers Association in the area of Sporting Grounds of the Year award, which is one of the most prestigious awards in the industry!  prestigious award is only given to schools and facilities with exceptional fields and our turf program came out on top!

One of the program’s teachers, Andrew Miller, shared his thoughts about this honorable achievement.  Miller responded, “In the industry, teamwork is of the most importance, because without it there is chaos, and it is not possible to produce a good, safe playing surface.” Many of the students who take Miller’s students also said that they all work together during and after class to make the field look its best for games and other occasions. They also shared that students in the program work throughout all seasons to make sure the field performs the best it can. Many of Miller’s students also reported that they are  dedicated to the program and industry. They strive to do the best they can with the resources provided to them and prove time and time again that they can do it. 

Students in our school were surveyed about our football field and most students commented that they are proud of the improvements that have been made to our football field.  Our students take great pride in the field and love to show it off when given the opportunity. 

This program is remarkably unique compared to other high school programs around the country. Mr. Miller shared with The Roar staff that, “Our program educates through hands-on learning while simultaneously teaching the purpose behind different practices.”  Other programs have more classroom time talking about practices that the Brentsville program is out doing. By doing hands-on activities, the students become more proficient at the job and gain more valuable knowledge and experience to take with them in the future. 

Another aspect of this one-of-a-kind program is the way that students gain valuable connections in the industry. “We are creating connections for our student for opportunities to advance to the next level in a career that has endless opportunities,” said Miller.  It is no surprise, then, that many of Miller’s students select turf as a major in college and pursue turf management as a careeer. Some of his former students are in the turf management industry working for grounds crews at major sports stadiums!