Brentsville’s Boys Soccer Team’s Goals for the 2021-2022 Season


Dylan Spencer, Contributor

All sports teams have ambitions toward their upcoming season. For some teams, it is winning states, and for others it could just be to have a winning record. Most teams create their goals for the upcoming season by looking at previous seasons. Brentsville’s boys soccer team had a negative record during the 2020-2021 season, winning two out of ten games. The season did not reach the expectations of the players and caused a lack of motivation to grow as the season progressed. This next season is set to begin around February 2022, causing players to begin preparing their personal and team goals for the season.

Based on a survey sent around to the players of the BDHS boys soccer team, the team seems to have an positive moral heading into the upcoming season. Most players who took the survey stated that they feel optimistic about how the team looks and feels for this next season. Players even said in the survey that they have begun training in their spare time to prepare themselves for the season. A few of the players mentioned that they picked up another sport during the winter season to help them get into peak physical fitness, so when season rolls around they can be at their best. The responses given in the survey create the impression that the team all shares the same level of motivation.  

To get more information on how players are going into the upcoming season, senior Kai Markham, a two-year Varsity soccer player, was interviewed. The first question during the interview was, “What specifically have you done in the offseason to get prepared for the upcoming season?” Markham claimed, “I have been going to field on my own time, after school somedays and training my skills to develop myself as a player.” The next question Markham was asked was, “How is you motivation level going into the season and what have you done to stay motivated during the offseason?” Markham replied, “ I am very motivated, out of ten I would say a nine, it is my senior year so that is helping to keep me motivated, I want to make this season my best one yet.” The last question asked was, “What do you want out of this season, personally and for the team?” Markham stated, “For myself I want to at least get first team all-district and for the team I would be happy with making it to regionals and possible even into the state playoffs.” From Markham’s responses, it is safe to say he is ready and has already set goals for the season that he intends to reach. Hopefully the BDHS men’s soccer team can fulfill their goals for the season and make it far into the postseason.