Fall Play “Mutually Assured Destruction” Receives Positive Reviews


Alannah Post

Junior Annabel Bergeron (left) and freshman Claire Lord (right) rehearse their scene in “Mutually Assured Destruction” about a pair of siblings in the year 2015.

On Friday, November 17th, the drama club held their first fall production, a two-act play called “Mutually Assured Destruction”. In past years, the club had entered the one-act play county-wide competition which would be performed at a separate location from the school, however Director Mrs. Ashley Abraham and Producer Mr. Daniel Fiore decided to put on a series of ten scenes showcasing quarreling brothers and sisters.

The play had scenes taking place in each decade, starting from the 1920s up to 2015, to show that even as time goes on, the rivalries and arguments between siblings remain the same. It was performed in the auditorium and received observably positive criticism from the audience despite issues with the sound system at points during the show.

The actors had only a few months to prepare, and many of them found it to be an incredible experience. Freshman and actor Tanya Benitez remarks that “I had found my passion in acting through this play. If I hadn’t auditioned I wouldn’t have met the wonderful people I’m friends with today,” and jokes that the cast and crew had become something of a family. Sophomore and Student Assistant Director Tori Baker, who worked backstage during the show making sure everything was in its place, remembers it as “crazy, but fun from start to finish… I can’t wait to do it all again.” Mr. Fiore and Ms. Kailey Pulos-Hoang will be directing and producing the spring musical, “Beauty and the Beast”, which has been cast with juniors Andrew Giles and Eleyna Para in the lead roles.