Remembering our Loved One, Club Penguin

Remembering our Loved One, Club Penguin

Ryan Buck

Club penguin is a thing of the past, even though it shouldn’t be. Club penguin was released Oct. 24, 2005 as an online server game that brought our entire globe together for an interactive experience through penguins. You probably remember begging your mom to buy you the year long membership that gave you access to different outfits, games, igloo decorations and more. You planned meet-ups with your friends at school and went skiing with them, maybe hit up the club a time or two and got jiggy with it. As generations filtered through the game and social media became popular among young kids, games like Club Penguin faded, and that ultimately resulted in the shutdown of the server on Mar. 29, 2017. A sight we never thought we would see. It’s been over a year since the shut down, but we at The Roar wanted to take the time to remember Club Penguin. Here are four of our favorite memories.


First of all,

We all remember being real bold in that chat. We were young, curious, and thought it was funny to get in trouble saying bad words behind a screen. It was all fun and games until you got banned for a week and couldn’t meet with any of your friends in the pizza parlor after school.

Second on our list is the absolute bangers that the members threw.

You always wanted to be a member, but your parents weren’t willing to put up the cash to help you make it big. Club Penguin did have its own atmosphere and with that came its own celebrities. This little *mEMbeRshIP* issue was NOT going to stop you from making it to these very exclusive parties.

Third on our list is the dating scene.

Pretty much all the sane people who played Club Penguin had a CP boyfriend or girlfriend at one point. It was a very serious step into us learning how our relationships are supposed to work. You put yourself out there, got into a relationship and saw them hitting up the club later with another penguin that evening. Pathetic.

Our fourth and final memory is becoming a parent,

After your Club Penguin significant other cheats on you at the night club, you decide its time to adopt a Puffle because you’re an independent being and you can handle a breakup, no problem. You are really into it the first few days until you must choose to feed yourself or your Puffle. During those rough patches, Puffles often ran away as it was inevitable if they weren’t being fed. There is no worse feeling in this cruel world than your Puffle fleeing the igloo.

Thank you for remembering Club Penguin with us and taking the time to reminisce. Thank you, Club Penguin, for being a place the world could connect, gather, and party. On its final days, Disney threw a giant worldwide Club Penguin party to remember the good times. It lasted until the servers went dark and the rest is history.


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