What to do at Hershey Park

Brooke Nichols, Staff Member

Hershey Park is a fun amusement park for all ages. It’s been giving families a reason to visit for over 100 years! After going to the park a few times I decided to give tips on What to Do at Hershey Park to help others who are planning to visit.

First off, Hershey Park is mostly Cashless. So when going make sure to bring a credit/debit card. If you forget there are stations in the front of the park that allows you to exchange cash for a debit visa. I would recommended to not exchange all of your cash. There are carts around the park with drinks that only accept cash. Even though it’s mostly cashless there are a few spots that still only take cash.

Secondly, Hershey Park only allows you to bring one sealed water bottle per person. It can get really hot throughout the park and if you would like to visit you must know that there will be a lot of walking involved so keeping hydrated is essential. To keep hydrated, you can go to the shops near sell water but for an estimate of $5. Rather, if you go to a vending machine it will only cost you $3 (and it’s super cold compared to the shops or carts around).

Thirdly, the lines for roller coasters are extremely long. If you’re planning to attend the park right when it opens a recommendation would be going to the back of the park as fast as you can(since the lines won’t be as long). A recommendation from Mia Fisher, ” Some people as soon as they get inside the amusement park they scurry to the first ride they see. In my opinion, that is a rookie mistake. There are a variety of rides for every type of person so if you don’t actually want to ride a roller coaster, don’t want to wait, or aren’t tall enough there are other options for you.”

Lastly, Hershey Park does have an app. In the app there is everything you may possibly need. It includes a built-in map that lets you know exactly where everything is. It’s very useful when wanting to find a certain ride, shop, or restaurant. There is also a section in the app where it tells you the wait time for each ride and if they’re closed or not. The app can also give you directions to any ride or food place that you would like to go to and an estimate of how long it’ll take you to go there. It really is a game changer.

If you ever go there remember… to just have a choco-lot of fun!