Superbowl Fails


Darron Cummings

Tom Brady raises the Lombardi Trophy for his sixth time

The second after the Superbowl 53 ended, everyone expressed their feelings on how boring it was. In many opinions, people believe it was a great Superbowl because it had everything from breaking super bowl records to outstanding coaching. The best part about the Superbowl was watching the greatest Quarterback in NFL history, Tom Brady, stay on top winning his sixth Superbowl. Tom Brady is still proving the doubters wrong, while still 41 years young.

Obviously to the usual NFL watcher, the game was not very exciting since it was not very high scoring. But the small things that happened made the game so much more enjoyable. There are plenty of things that made this Super Bowl Great.

The NFL hired good referees (refs). Ever since the NFC (National Football Conference) and AFC (American Football Conference), championship fans have been going crazy about how awful the refs currently are. They have been seen throwing too many flags or none at all, even when they are needed. On Superbowl Sunday, however, the refs did fine.

There were plenty of big hits. If you like a physical football game, you should’ve loved Superbowl 53, since the defense controlled the game. When the defense would get a sack, Tom Brady and Jared Goff took a lot of damage throughout the game.

The coaching was outstanding. If you enjoy the game of football, the coaching match up was legendary. Sean McVay, 33 years old, is the Rams head coach. He is seen as a kid genius of the National Football League (NFL). McVay could have been the youngest coach to win a Superbowl. He had the rough task of coaching against the best coach in NFL history, Bill Belichick. Belichick is 66 years old and has coached his team to six Superbowl rings. He is considered to be the best coach in the NFL.

Johnny Hekker set a new Superbowl record. Hekker, the punter on the Rams, set a Superbowl record for the longest punt at 65 yards, breaking the previous record of 64.

The Patriots legacy continues. Love them or hate them, the legacy that they will leave might never be re-created. Anyone who watches the Patriots play is witnessing history in the making.