Hurricane Dorian Dominates


Tyler Schaney

A local Boca Raton restaurant was badly flooded as a result of Dorian.

Throughout the month of September, Hurricane Dorian left a path of destruction, leaving many victims through its route. Dorian demolished lives from the Bahamas to Canada. 

According to The Wall Street Journal, as of September 23, the death toll of Dorian stands at 53 victims. The Category 5 Hurricane created the most powerful tropical cyclone in history to hit the Bahamas. With winds hitting up to 183 miles per hour, much destruction was made as a result of the storm. 

Former BDHS student athlete, Tyler Schaney, moved to Boca Raton, Florida in April of this year. Schaney and his family were forced to evacuate as a result of Dorian. 

“I was scared and nervous at first because it was my first hurricane, but I was also excited because I got out of school for a few days,” shared Schaney. 

Since Schaney lives in coastal Boca Raton, South Florida, neighborhoods around him were struck early into Dorian’s route. Families around him prepared fast. “We took in everything from outdoors, put up sand near the garage, drained the pool, and got lots of supplies and gas,” remarked Schaney. 

Heading back to his home in Florida was nerve-racking. However, Schaney and his family were some of the few families who were fortunate with the outcome of the storm. 

“My house is totally fine… We brought everything inside and were not badly affected,” mentioned Schaney. “Overall the hurricane barely impacted us but was on the track for serious damage. We got lucky, but most of the people here evacuated for safety.” 

Even though Schaney’s family was not as badly affected, some houses and restaurants around his area were completely flooded and destroyed.  

“We had a lot of flooding near the ocean and coast, but nothing as bad as Dorian was supposed to be,” shared Schaney. 

Tyler’s family was fortunate enough to not receive any damage from Dorian, regardless of the thousands of homes destroyed. Schaney was one of thousands of people to experience Dorian head on, but he was one of the lucky ones who did not feel the wrath that Dorian brought to the east coast.