Vita Nova Creatives & Coffee Opens in Nokesville, Virginia

A new coffee shop has recently opened near Brentsville- practically walking distance!

Bex Hope, Staff Editor

Picture it, you walk in and instantly the smell of fresh coffee pierces your senses. Beautiful chairs and couches scattered around, and wooden doors hung on the wall.

Wait, what?

 That’s right, this coffee shop is no ordinary coffee shop, with the help of locally sourced handmade crafts, the shop is decorated head to toe in beautiful vintage style. While drinking your frappe, you can browse through handmade trinkets and other gifts. Stay there for hours as you do your homework, knit, or even just chill!

Not only are the prices reasonable, the taste is magnificent! The coffee and tea are around 5 dollars each, but worth it with the large sizes! Not only do they offer frozen and warm variants of drinks, but they also provide up cheap (but delicious) food! With the biggest price being $6.20. (that being stuffed croissant sandwiches) I recommend the large brownies which are $2.80.

They also have gluten free and vegan options, with alternative milks and additional flavor shots for only $0.50.

 Oh, not a fan of coffee? Try their hot chocolate for only $3.50!

Fun Facts:

 -Vita Nova means “new life” in Latin.

Vita Nova menu, photo taken by Bex Hope

 -The coffee shop is family owned and independent.

 -Tom, the coffee shop owner, used to be a private pilot.

Vita Nova creatives and coffee photo taken taken by Bex Hope


 Come visit them at 13051 Fitzwater Drive in Nokesville, Vita Nova today!

Vita Nova tip jar photo taken taken by Bex Hope



For more information:

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