5 Activities to Promote Physical and Mental Health

A body when you have good physical and good mental health.

A body when you have good physical and good mental health.

Netruethai Wichaidit, Contributor

The internet and social media are very influential these days. As a result, most school-age children spend too much time on their phones or spend too much time in front of screens. This affects the body, mind, mood, and society, but it is not just caused solely by the internet. Outside of society, physical and mental health can worsen, especially during COVID-19.  This has a significant impact on stress for both children and adults. Staying healthy is one of the most important things in our lives, which does not refer to the external body only. Mental health is also influential to a person’s well-being. The results of the research found that social activities, such as joining clubs or volunteering, are linked to better physical health. Here are 5 simple activities to promote physical and mental health.  

  1. Exercising

Exercise regularly, as it is considered a good immunity for the body. In addition to making our bodies strong and healthy, it also affects mental health. Movement of the body will cause various systems within the body to work at full efficiency and exercise can also help us feel energized, refreshed, and clear. Therefore, dedicating time to our health can make a large difference to daily life. 

  1. Travels and excursions 

Going on field trips can help relieve stress. Adding new inspiration adds positive energy to our lives, it also helps to have good physical and mental health as well because being out and touching nature will make people feel better. Travels and excursions are also activities that enhance life experiences, thoughts, personalities, and imaginations, resulting in creativity, innovative ideas, and fun and enjoyment throughout the journey. One is able to solve immediate problems, is tactful, and is able to apply such skills in one’s daily life. 

  1. Music and singing

Music is the art of playing musical instruments and singing, it is beneficial to the body and mind. It can help reduce stress, which is another way it can heal the mind and body as well. 

  1. Joining sports or social clubs

Participating in sports and clubs allows one to meet more people and be more social, giving one more courage to express oneself, have a better personality, develop, meet new people, and make new friends. It helps one to relieve stress well and can improve our mental health as well.  

  1. Volunteering

Having a public mind and making sacrifices for the public benefit such as helping the environment, planting forests, planting trees, donating money, as well as other things will help instill a sense of sharing and generosity will make one have better physical and mental health.