Drama – Not Just for the Dramatic

Alannah Post, Editor-in-Chief

There are many students involved with the Drama Club that will say the same thing about how they got into it – “I’m not an actor, but…”. The truth is, theater is not just for future Broadway stars or iTunes chart-toppers, but there are some common skills that make it fun regardless of any talents.

Aside from acting and singing, there are many roles within a production. People who enjoy working with their hands, building, or art are always needed for set construction. Painting, drilling, building – all hands are good hands if you can hold a screwdriver or a paintbrush. The creative aspect of set construction is for the people who are not comfortable literally being in the spotlight but still want to be involved with a production.

Not into building? No problem, there are still plenty of other parts. Technical theater, which involves sound and lighting design, is another fun way to be involved – making sure every actor is visible and audible on stage is vital, and self-professed “techies” will all agree that it is a great way to get into theatre.

With the spring musical “Seussical: the Musical” cast and getting ready for rehearsals, there are still roles that need to be filled. The dance corps is for anyone who wants to be on stage without having to deliver lines or belt your heart out. Any measure of training or talent is accepted, as long as there is a willingness to learn and help the show succeed.

Any questions can be directed to Mr. Dan Fiore in room 2207 or Ms. Ashley Abraham in room 1200 – they are always looking for eager students to join theater, both class and club. The show has been cast with Andrew Giles, Abby Gloff, and Annabel Bergeron in the lead roles.