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Senior, Lucy Becker BDHS Student President

Lucy Becker

Senior, Lucy Becker BDHS Student President

Patrick Broemmel, Opinions Editor

BDHS has many school-wide events that are lots of fun to attend when run smoothly. These do not just happen by themselves; there are students like senior, Lucy Becker, that work hard to make events possible for the school. 

Becker was in on the Student Council Association (SCA) in middle school and decided to run for the Class of 2019 Vice President. However, she wanted to do more for her school as a whole, not just her own class. In her junior year she decided to get involved in the Student Government Association (SGA) and is now the student body President.  

She signed up for a leadership class to see how the pep rallies and other school events are planned. She liked how she was able to make a large impact on the school as a whole by leading the planning and execution of school wide events.  

Her favorite event this year was planning the Homecoming dance. She planned the decorations, hired the DJ, set up the ticket booth, and helped sell tickets. A lot of preparation went into the dance, and the end product was an amazing night.

Being the student body president and planning a whole event might sound overwhelming, but in the end Becker says it is worth it.

The processes leading up to it are stressful, but once the event is happening it’s so much fun and looking back I realize how much [work] it was… [the] end product pays off.”

— Lucy Becker