The Effect of Quarantine on Teens


COVID-19 Virus

Emma Waldo, staf

Students are facing a difficult time right now because of quarantine and the chaos it has caused. Students are stressed for many reasons, some of those reasons are school and how long this plan lasts. Money is a big issue for some students and their family’s, some may be worried about loved ones that have been affected. Students have been mentally affected as well, teens that are more outgoing and social have been cut off from friends and doing what they love doing.

There are ways to help students mental health; states, “Choose to focus on the positive things in your life, instead of dwelling on how bad you feel.” They also noted to get enough sleep and to participate in regular physical activity. They also added “Consider starting each day by listing things you are thankful for. Maintain a sense of hope, work to accept changes as they occur and to keep problems in perspective.”  

If students follow these instructions and get back to a regular routine, they should start to get back to good. Stay healthy and hopeful, follow guidelines to stay safe and things will get back to the way they were. Remember to get enough sleep for the best learning experience.