The Pros and Cons of Online Learning


Computer for Online Learning

Emma Waldo, staff

There are positives and negatives to online learning, some students may like it and others not so much. It varies across the school and depends on what type of learner the student is. This type of learning can be stressful as most know but provides a different experience than in person learning.

There are many pros and cons to this way of learning, one pro is flexibility. Ashley Brooks from “,” noted that “one of the biggest advantages of online classes is the ability to fit your learning into your existing schedule. “Of course, there are other pros like, how students have the ability to be anywhere for class. They can work at their own pace as well. However, some cons may be bad wi-fi, some students may not be able to access computers, teachers and students can lose track of papers, and computers crash.  

There will always be ups and downs to everything, with all the trouble and uncertainty students are facing right now with schoolstudents are bound to have trouble along the way. Students may feel alone right now but it will not be like this forever, in person learning will come back.