Corsets Make a Come Back in New Social Media Trend

Madelyn Woolfrey, Staff Member

Why are corsets of all things coming back? An audio went viral recently on tiktok from six the musical that has sparked the public’s interest in corset. Of course, many items of clothing become popular on social media, so why corsets any different?

Corsets are an article of clothing worn over a strapless cameo or sleeveless shirt meant to give whoever is wearing it more accentuated curves.  The appley of a corset could possibly stem from the fun fantasy or cottage core vibes people all over social media go crazy for. While corsets are a fun clothing item to wear and have fun with not a lot of people understand the necessary thing that are needed before wearing a corset.

Corsets are not cheap, if a cheap corset is found it is most likely that it is not a proper one and should be avoided. An example of an improper corset are ones found on amazon, these are not highly recommend because of their poor boning. Boning is the structure of a corset basically the part of a corset that makes it give off the accentuated curves. Without proper boning a corset will not give off the affects that people are looking for. Age limitation is also a big deal many recommend 15 or 16 as the youngest a person should be wearing a corset. This is because a corset on a young person can cause problems as their body is still drastically changing. Corsets wore properly and safely can be a beautiful accessory to an outfit.  

Many people dislike the idea of corsets as they feel it promotes an unhealthy body image. This all depends on the person wearing the corset and how they feel personally. No one should wear a piece of clothing that makes them uncomfortable with how they look. People should be free to wear or not wear whatever they like no matter how others feel 

Clothing items like corsets becoming trendy show a lot about how much more accepting society is of different clothing. If someone two years ago started walking around in a corset they would be seen as extra but know they would be seen as trendy and cool. This goes to show that even something like corsets is becoming acceptable, which in return makes people less judgmental to the people around them that wear things that may be considered “extra”. Letting people express themselves through fashion is always a positive thing and even something like a corset can make a person feel empowered and strong.