4 Relaxing Activities to Get Through the Last Three Weeks of School

Madelyn Woolfrey, Staff Member

The last quarter of the school year always seems to feel like the longest and the most stressful quarter of the year. With summer break only a few weeks away, school because more and more draining due to the year wrapping up. Especially due to covid, this year has been difficult and the wait for school to be over feels longer than ever. An important thing to do during this final stretch of the school year is relax. Relaxing can help keep the mind focused so the school year can be finished out strong and not weak due to burn out. Here are four easy activities to help stay relaxed during the last three weeks of school.

The first activity in yoga. Exercise may not be the best activity to do when you are feeling stressed. However, yoga is known to be a great stress releaser. Yoga can help stretch out tense muscles and make the body feel much more loose and less tense. Doing a 30-minute yoga lesson, whether it be in your room, porch, backyard, or going to an actual yoga place, it can be a great way to relax and unwind.  

The second activity id reading. Focusing the mind on a book and letting it tune out the rest of the world is a perfect way to decrease stress. Finding a comfortable place to sit down and start a book is a easy way to relax. It keeps the mind engaged and learning while also letting it take a break from the worries you are facing during this stressful time. 

A third activity is finger painting. Finger painting sounds extremely childish, but it is really fun. Something about having a paint covered hand and making a painting whether it looks good or bad can be very fun to do. Letting the mind do something stupid and fun while creating something out of it is a great way to unwind and have fun. Though it is messy at times, which can make clean up not so fun, it is still a super fun experience worth the mess. 

The last activity is swimming. As the weather gets hotter one thing is certain: it is almost time for swimming season. Swimming is a very relaxing exercise that is helps relax strained muscles and a strained mind. Lounging around in a pool is very peaceful and makes for a relaxing time. Although, for many, a pool is not easily accessible, but for those who do have access to a pool, swimming is a great relaxing activity.