Tiger’s Vote on Favorite Platform

Tatum Brownlee, Contributor

Recently, students were given a poll that asked them questions about their favorite platform for media entertainment.  The results are in and here is what we found!

It may come as no surprise that the most students voted that they liked the television platform Netflix. 76% of students said they liked Netflix the best of all the platforms. This TV platform has a wide variety of TV shows, movies, and even educational shows. This variety changes around every month or so. The most popular things continue to be payed, while the ones that are not so popular are replaced with more popularly viewed shows.  Part of the reason Netflix may be so popular is because it is not very expensive, making it easy on the budget.

Cable TV is just not a thing anymore because of better and improved technology.  Viewers get more bang for their buck when they pay for a service where there are no or fewer commercials, or they can skip commercials altogether.  In fact, 67% of students surveyed shared that they never watch Cable TV anymore.

Disney+ has just recently came out. It is all movies and TV shows that are Disney.  Disney make is easy to find popular movies, which is what makes this program the second most used. “If you just want to chill and watch Moana or The Lion King, Disney plus is the TV program for you,” said senior, Erika Lorenz. Lorenz also said, “I love Disney plus because I am a total nerd for Disney movies.”

On the survey, students were asked an open question where they shared their favorite movie platform.  Junior, Brian Nguyen said, “My favorite movie program is 123 Movies.” This is a free place online where movie lovers can watch movies. Some teens preferred this route because it was free, and they have access to tons of different movies.

All in all, each person has their preference for which program they like best. Some are cheaper than others, and some programs have more options than others. No matter the reason, each person has their favorite program. In the poll that was taken about 75 percent of people prefer Netflix.

Here are the results:

Blue =very often. Light blue= frequently. Grey = sometimes. Yellow = rarely. Red = never.