New Zealand Was Once Almost Auctioned Off On eBay


The natural beauty of New Zealand, which was almost sold on eBay in 2006.

Kailey Thom, Editor-in-Chief

Did you know that in 2006, an Australian attempted to sell the entire country of New Zealand on eBay?

The bidding was started at one Australian cent, quite a steal for a whole island country. The auction was set to last for a week, and bidding eventually reached $3000. However, it was shut down by eBay before the time was up, and they clarified that the country was not for sale, and that the whole thing was not legitimate.

Many other oddities have been sold on the site, including Guinea pig armor, haunted dolls and jars, the entire ghost town of Albert, Texas, and even a portrait of the Virgin Mary on a piece of grilled cheese.