Looking Back On NBA Free Agency



Kevin Durant (left) and Kyrie Irving (right) both ready to take on the new season with the Brooklyn Nets.

Ryan Gregory

With the NBA free agency over, NBA fans look forward to seeing their favorite players on the court with their new teams as the 2019-20 NBA season kicks off. Teams such as the Brooklyn Nets improved their teams through free agency. However, teams like the New York Knicks decided to stick with the same players as last year. This season should be very exciting for NBA fans.

With all the trades and signings in the NBA this season, this year has been wild. The first big signing was for Klay Thompson to resign with the Golden State Warriors. This was no surprise to many people since Kevin Durant decided not to resign with the Warriors which opened a large amount of space to sign Klay.

“100 percent Klay Thompson re-signing with the Warriors, I most definitely thought the Warriors would re-sign Kevin Durant and wouldn’t have enough money to re-sign Klay,” mentioned Junior Jack Blanchette, recalling on the biggest signing surprise of 2019. The Warriors signed Klay Thompson to a five-year deal worth 190 million.

2019 has been the most entertaining off-season in years. Kevin Durant from the Golden State Warriors and Kyrie Irving from the Boston Celtics both decided to team up and head to New York and play in Brooklyn. The Brooklyn Nets signed Kevin Durant through a sign and trade to the Warriors for D’Angelo Russell. They signed him to a four-year 160-million-dollar deal. This was a big deal, but not as huge as the star point guard from Boston who signed a five-year 94.3-million-dollar deal. The Nets rolled in two of the biggest three free agents this year and are favorites to come out of the east.

Looking back on this year, everyone will remember the deal that went down in LA this year. Kawhi Leonard signed at 2 a.m. the day before free agency closed. The Los Angles Clippers signed Kwahi to a three-year 103-million-dollar deal.

This was overall the biggest signing this year because Kawhi just came off leading the Toronto Raptors to a championship and winner of the 2019 NBA finals MVP. The Toronto Raptors tried all they could to keep him but lost the player to the Clippers since they also acquired Paul George from the Thunder.

Paul George is a six-time all-star and is coming off his best season yet.

“By far the best deal was Kawhi Leonard signing with the Clippers! They scored the top free agent and acquired Paul George from the Thunder! I even have them winning this year’s NBA championship,””

— Jack Blanchette

commented Junior Jack Blanchette.

NBA fans can agree that this has been the craziest off-season yet. Some of the biggest names in the leauge all signed onto new teams. This will be one great season to look forward to.