The Rebirth of the XFL


The XFL (X Football League), originally started  in 2001, had one season before the league owner, Vince MCMahon, had to end the league due to money. Now the league is back and is scheduled to have its first game in 19 years on February 8th.

Vince McMahon, owner of the World Wresting Foundation(WWF), founded the XFL in 2000. The WWF and NBC were the owners of the league for the two years. The XFL contained eight teams in the league, made up mostly of free agent from the National Football League, or anyone who wished to be on a football team. The league did not last long, in fact it completed just one season before the league ended. There were several reasons why the league failed; the most popular one being that McMahon did not put enough planning into the stadiums, coaches, players, etc.

Although the original league was a failure, McMahon decided to reestablish the XFL in 2018. This time McHahon took his time. He spent two years to plan which cities would get teams and where the stadiums would be. The league will again have eight teams.

The eight teams are mostly made up of former NFL players looking for a second chance to play for a team. Although the eight teams do not have their entire roster filled out, they have plenty of players to choose from. Brentsville student Trae Kohn believes the XFL is good for players looking to gain recognition; “The XFL is a good place for no name players to show their talent, but only a couple of them will make an NFL roster, even if so they won’t play much. The XFL is basically just for washed veterans or undrafted free agents.”

It is too early to tell if the XFL will succeed. Chris Applegate does not seem to think so; “It failed the first time because no one liked it, and unless football has changed, no one will be interested. Unless they can get big names to fill their league they will never gain an actual fan base. That won’t happen because no one would leave the NFL for the XFL.” Having a fan base is crucial for having success, and with most football fans already invested in the NFL, it will be hard for McHahon to gain viewers for the league. With the first game only weeks away, the world will see soon whether or not the XFL is here to stay.