MLB Postseason (Covid-19)



mlb postseason

Ryan Gregory

Major League Baseball is set to start the 2020 postseason on September 29th with the American League Wild Card game,  followed by the National League Wild Card game on the 30th. The MLB will be playing their postseason games in a bubble similar to the NBA. All games will be played  in LA and Texas to reduce the risk of a COVID-19 outbreak.

Earlier in the season there was a major Coronavirus outbreak causing multiple teams to cancel their games due to a lack of players and trying to stop the spread of the virus. The Miami Marlins and the St. Louis Cardinals got the worse end of the outbreak. The Miami Marlins had a total of twenty players test positive for the virus and suspended their play for a total of eight games. For the Cardinals they missed a total of eighteen games. This outbreak put the MLB in danger of canceling the 2020 season for good.

Due to so many teams missing games they had to modify the way they were going to make up these games. Usually they would make up games by making teams play two nine inning double headers. This year they kept the idea of the double header but played seven inning games.

This was already a shortened season due to the complications between the MLB and the players over their pay. The MLB only wanted to pay the players half their 2020 salary because they would only be playing sixty games versus the one hundred and eighty two they usually play. They eventually agreed to play and started their sixty game season on July 23rd.

This years postseason is different this year, instead of five teams from the AL and NL, it is ten teams from each conference. This allows teams who usually don’t make the playoffs to make it this year, since there were five extra spots in each conference. The postseason will end as late as October, 28th if there is not another Covid-19 outbreak.