How To: Survive High School


Chris Newman

A group of seniors show their school spirit on class color day.

Halle Buttafuso, Managing Editor

How To: Survive High School 

 Balancing family, friends, sports, and academics can be difficult and stressful but here are some survival tips to be successful in high school. 


Although the whole point of high school is to get an education, being social plays a huge role. For most, being surrounded by a bunch of unfamiliar faces can be nerve-racking. One piece of advice is to talk to at least one person in each class. Not only will it be comforting to know there is someone for you to talk to in the class, but they will most likely be relieved that they now have a friendly face to look for. If you remember that everyone is probably just as nervous to be around new people as you are, it can make talking to people easier. In the end, you may even get a good friend out of it.  


High school can be very overwhelming at times and though it can be very tempting to give up and not try your best on your assignments, do not. Especially as a freshman, grades are critical for following years, as they can make or break your GPA. So, no matter how small the assignment, give it your best effort because in the end it will pay off.  

If you find yourself struggling in a particular class, the most important step to improving is getting extra help. Teachers are there to help you and by not accepting the help that is offered, you are only hurting yourself. Showing initiative and putting effort into your grade goes a long way and teachers will acknowledge and appreciate that. There are also other resources like the Tutoring Club, which can help you succeed. 


Extracurriculars are beneficial both academically and socially. They can be a lot of fun and help you explore your interests in a variety of activities. One helpful tip is to get involved in as many after school clubs as you desire. It is a great way to not only make friends with similar interests but makes your college applications look good.  

If clubs are not interesting to you, there are also a variety of sports teams that you can try out for. Sports are just as equally important and will give you the chance to make friends and explore your athletic abilities. Do not be afraid to try new things. You may end up involved in something you are passionate about.  

General Advice: 

Throughout high school you will encounter many new situations and experience new things. It is an inevitable time of change so go in with a positive attitude and make the most of it. Be friendly to everyone, take your academics seriously, and get involved.