Lunchtime, Naptime, And Floodin’


Photos from the lunchtime Instagram.

Victoria Bruno, Contributor

Have you ever fallen asleep in class and hoped no one noticed? Well nowadays, students will need to keep their guard up, due to several new Instagram pages that have been popping up on social media since the beginning of the school year.  Some of the most popular accounts post photos of students napping, not-so-tasty school lunches, and interesting or otherwise unique fashion choices.

It all started as a trend on Tik Tok in the first few months of the school year; and gradually, more and more schools began joining in and made accounts of their own. By October, Brentsville had joined in the mix, with the most popular pages being BDHS Naptime, BDHS Lunchtime, and BDHS Floodin’.

The results of the polls and interviews showed that, overall, Brentsville students were the biggest fan of the naptime account. When polled, 64 percent of students chose the naptime account as the one they frequent the most and 84 percent said it was their favorite page.

One senior who wishes to remain anonymous contributed a humorous picture of a student who fell asleep sitting up. Another senior, Serwah Manteau, mentioned that even though she doesn’t follow any of the pages she’ll occasionally “look at the (naptime) account every now and then to make sure she’s not on it.”

Although not quite as popular as the naptime page, BDHS Lunchtime is also a regularly visited account. Students send in pictures of odd combinations and concoctions made with school lunches. This was one of the first accounts to come from Brentsville, gaining hundreds of followers as well.

While not as active as it used to be, the BDHS Floodin’ page has a feed that entirely revolves around a specific type of outfit. When someone has pants that are so short you can see their ankles, it is a running joke to say they are ready for a flood. And, this how the page got its notorious moniker of Floodin’.

Interestingly enough, students take their chances and post pictures despite knowing about the no-cell phone policy in place and the rules listed in the Code of Behavior.  These risky photographers know if they get caught, there are repercussions for using cellular devices during the school day.  Nonetheless, some students take the chance so that they may be the next to be featured on these funny and entertaining Instagram pages!

Photographs shown were taken from the Floodin’ Instagram account page.