School Locker Room Security

Boy's locker room

Patrick Broemmel

Boy’s locker room

Patrick Broemmel, Opinions Editor

School locker rooms are used by P.E. classes and sports teams to hold equipment and change into athletic gear, but thefts from lockers are real and frustrating. Steps need to be taken to limit thefts, but how much security can the school put in place before it becomes intrusive and obstructive? 

“It’s tricky to add security, because students need their privacy.””

— Jeanna Grace

The school has taken some measures to prevent theft in the locker room. During the school day, the locker rooms are locked and can only be opened by a teacher, and students’ individual lockers have locks supplied by the school.  

However, there are flaws in these security measures. Students can remain in the locker rooms during their P.E. class without the teacher’s knowledge or approval. In addition, the locks provided by the school cost $5 to use. While this is a small fee going towards replacing damaged lockers, some students are deterred from using locks because of it. Many students think that locker room security is inadequate to prevent thefts and illegal activities, as even people that are not students can enter easily.

There is also a limit to the amount of security that can be added. “It’s tricky to add security, because students need their privacy,” said Jeanna Grace, a BDHS sophomore. This is the main reason why locker rooms do not get more safety measures to prevent thefts. 

The head of security, Pat Finnigan, says that the locker rooms are secure enough with locks and cameras covering the entrances, so they do not need improvement. He went on to say, “The lockers are school property and [the school] has the right to monitor the lockers.” Therefore, student privacy, as far as school lockers are concerned, is inconsequential.