Senior Color Protest


Jordan Jennings , Contributing Editor

BDHS students protested the class color change, as the senior class is highly against the class color being orange, originally the color was blue was something every senior looked forward to. Last school year senior class officers changed the class color from blue to orange, the senior class officers voted to have it orange rather than black.

Many seniors this year during spirit week protested the color change and wore blue rather than orange. Seniors still plan to protest the class color in hopes of it being changed. Not everyone wants it back to blue, however. A good portion of the senior class would rather the color be changed to black. The class colors were all changed to school colors last year. Previously, the colors before were just random and didn’t fit with the school. Currently, juniors get to wear the color black, and many seniors are trying to get the colors switched.

Senior Caroline Luebs confessed, “I want the color changed back to blue, I looked forward to having it be blue since my freshman year.”

Another Senior Paige Skews said, “I want the senior color changed back to blue because as a freshman I came in hating the freshmen and sophomore colors, but I was so excited for blue as a  senior. When I got  junior year, it was changed, so I went from hating the first two excited for the last two and got that taken because someone else want to change it without everyone’s opinion.”

The seniors are going to continue to protest the senior color in every way they can. They have expressed how unhappy they are about the colors but have been ignored so far. The class officers said they can not do anything about it, they have tried and been turned down. It has been an issue since last year but the class of 2020 has decided to take action and protest against it until it is changed.