How To Quit Your Job

It is important to be prepared before you quit your job.

It is important to be prepared before you quit your job.

Emily Jacob

Knowing how to gracefully quit a job is a necessary life skill that not many teenagers possess.
It can be awkward and uncomfortable for a young employee wanting to leave their first job. They might feel pressured to stay or not know how the process works. Do not fall into the trap of quitting “like a teenager.” Impress the employer one last time-and quit “like an adult.”

How to be professional while at work is an important skill to learn and is the first step in quitting. If an employee creates a strong repertoire with their coworkers and boss before quitting, they will be respected more in the workplace.

Make sure to maintain a high quality of work before and after you decide to quit. Professional employees are treated better and may receive leniency from their boss. Show them what they are going to be missing.

A common mistake made, especially by teens and inexperienced workers, is telling a coworker they are going to quit before they have made it official with their boss. This can cause unnecessary drama and comes across as immature to an employer. Keep the decision to yourself until it becomes official.

Be educated on the legal or contractual steps that need to be taken before you quit. If someone is obligated to quit within a certain time frame and give their notice within a certain time frame (typically referred to as a “two-week notice”), it is necessary to follow these rules. This shows maturity and responsibility.

When the time has come, and an employee is face to face with their boss, it can be nerve-wracking. They must maintain confidence and clarity in how they speak. Review exactly what you want to discuss in front of a friend or parent beforehand to calm your nerves. Clarity is important in making sure there is no miscommunication, and you walk out of the meeting having accomplished exactly what you wanted to.

No matter what the reason is, quitting can be difficult especially if someone has never quit before. Generally, though, if you maintain respect, maturity, and formality quitting can be made easier. Emotionally, it can be hard. You might feel like you are letting people down by quitting, but just remember—you are on to bigger and better things.