Disney’s “The Mandalorian”: An Instant Success


Ricky Hernandez

Disney’s “The Mandalorian” is a new series on Disney+ based on George Lucas’ “Star Wars”. The series’ first season received glowing reviews from critics with a whopping 95% rotten tomatoes.

The show takes place after ‘Return of the Jedi’  where the empire has fallen and the new republic has risen. The show’s first episode begins with the main protagonist, Mando, who has to track down a mysterious person from across the galaxy.Mando follows the tracker to a heavily protected town where he finds the very famous “Baby Yoda.” The rest of the series focuses on Mando protecting and basically being a parent for Baby Yoda.

The eight episodes contain adventures that Mando shares with Baby Yoda. Most of the episodes involve Mando trying to protect Baby Yoda from other bounty hunters who want to trade baby yoda in for a reward. While the episodes are interesting and have a good plot, some believe Mando’s problems are resolved too quickly. Many of the episodes end with a “happy ending” and no problem lasts for more than one episode. Without the protagonist fighting or facing anyone important, it is hard to stay interested in the episodes.

Other than the lack of obstacles the series is amazing. Seeing Mando turn from a heartless bounty hunter into a parent is satisfying, and the crew obviously put time and effort into the amazing computer generated imagery, or CGI, specifically the ships and any large animals such as the long horn rhino in episode two area wonderful. The effort in the CGI makes ‘The Mandalorian’ seem like an actual Star Wars related show, which is a major reason why it is so popular.

The Mandalorian is not a perfect series. However the director, Bryce Dallas Howard, has done a good job with the show so far. If the shows success continues it could be around for awhile. Disney already announced a second season for ‘The Mandalorian’ shortly after the first season ended and will look to continue the same success the show had in season one.