The Importance of Extracurricular Activities during Covid-19

Natalie Bashore

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, some after school activities are not on their regular schedules or are not happening at all. Students currently in after school activities have to follow the correct safety precautions and guidelines to participate in activities that are occurring in-person.

Even though extracurricular activities are a great opportunity for students to meet new people and socialize with others, the current situation with the Covid-19 pandemic is affecting how students can meet for in-person activities. Students have to follow the necessary safety precautions and guidelines to take part in these activities safely.

Sophomore James Mouser has stated that extracurricular activities and clubs are still important for students during the pandemic because students get to socialize with others, which they do not have many options to do in online classes. Students can also gain more communication and teamwork skills when they join clubs and meet new people. However, Mouser has said that the pandemic may either cancel some after school clubs or put restrictions on how people can meet for activities. Students could wear masks and follow safety precautions when meeting in-person to stay safe.

Sophomore Kira Rhodenhizer is a cheerleader, and she has stated that that activity is being affected by the pandemic. Cheerleaders have to wear masks and stay several feet apart from each other, so they are not able to do as many things that they would usually do in a regular practice. They have to take these precautions to try and stay as safe as possible. Rhodenhizer thinks that after school activities are still important for students to participate in during the pandemic “because they keep students focused and let them have fun while this pandemic is still going on.” Extracurricular activities are also another way for students to meet new people and make friends with students that they do not usually interact with. Rhodenhizer has stated that activities and clubs can keep students engaged in things that they want to do. Rhodenhizer has said that instead of staying home all day, “you can go do something else fun with other people that you may be interested in.”

Students can also find something that they are passionate about and that they love doing by trying something new. If students do not try out at a new activity, they will never know if they would enjoy participating in that activity or not. There are many activities out there for students to try. Students could find a new hobby or passion that they like to do by joining a club or another after school activity.