The Skills that Students can Learn from Online Learning


Natalie Bashore

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Brentsville District High School has been having online classes occur since this school year started. Students are using the Canvas platform to access lessons and class material, to work on schoolwork, and to submit that schoolwork to their teachers for it to be graded.

While online learning can be difficult when learning how to use new websites and trying to stay on track with assignments, there are beneficial skills that students can gain from participating in online learning. These skills can help students now when keeping track of assignments and can help students later as well with what they choose to do in the coming years.

1. Responsibility and Self-Discipline

A certain level of motivation, responsibility, and self-discipline is necessary for students to be successful in online learning. Students must be responsible when completing assignments and getting schoolwork done. They also need to be motivated to complete those assignments so that they can get good grades and not have missing assignments.

2. Time Management Skills

Time management is an important skill for students to have so that they do not procrastinate on their schoolwork. Keeping track of due dates for assignments can help students so that they do not forget about the work that they need to complete. Having time management skills can also help students to not let assignments pile up and seem difficult to complete in the timeframe that is given.

3. Technical Skills

Students in a traditional classroom may not be required to frequently use technology. Online learning, however, is the exact opposite. All lessons and assignments that students need to access are only available on an electronic device. Students may develop better technical skills by working in unfamiliar online platforms, which can help them to master even more skills that can be acquired through working with technology.

4. Communication Skills

Having good communication with teachers and instructors is an especially important skill for students to have, especially in an online learning environment. Through online learning, students can figure out many ways to communicate with others. Students can also figure out how their words are interpreted by other people in an online environment, which can help them to avoid misunderstandings with others.

5. Setting Goals

In online learning, students can set goals for themselves for what they want to accomplish in school. These goals can keep students motivated to learn and do well. Students can also set goals for themselves for activities that they do outside of school, so that they can accomplish even more.

These skills are beneficial for students in online learning because they can help students to do well in school and in other things that they want to achieve. If students consider learning these skills, they can continue to do well in school and in other activities that they participate in.